Digital Displays

You may have noticed that we have recently installed some digital displays in the hallways of our school.  These have been installed to improve communication and enhance school spirit.  Content is added to the displays from a server which is accessible through our computer network.  Content can be controlled and displayed in many unique ways.

Since the monitors and servers have been installed, we have added some test content until we are all trained to use the Carousel software which pushes content to the monitors.

We are going to have at least 3 different channels running on the displays.  There will be separate feeds for hallways, front entrance, and the large monitor by the foods room.

We would like to gather some feedback from you.  What type of content would you like to see on the displays.  The images above are showing photos, announcements, weather, etc.  Please leave your comments on this post.


Crusaders Soccer on Shaw TV

We’re so proud of our soccer teams! Here is a piece which recently ran on Shaw TV. We are looking to even the score with O’Leary when we meet in the play-offs!

Pump Up the Volume

We are so proud of our students who were in this year’s play.  Check out the write-up from the Edmonton Journal.  It would not have been possible without the leadership of our drama teacher, Mr. Christian Zyp.  Also, a big thanks to Mr. Koufogiannakis and the music students.  As well, we have to honour the hard work and dedication of the AOB Geek Squad who supplied the sound and lights.

What an incredible team!

AOB Battle of the Bands

Austin O’Brien hosted its annual “AOB AXEtreme Fest Battle of the Bands” last week.  Everything from Folk to 80’s Pop to Modern Rock was heard by a packed AOB gym, with 9 bands competing, including a group made up of AOB staff and family (showing the youngens how it’s done!).  Congratulations to all of the participants on a fantastic Rockin’ afternoon!!! Surprisingly, it was the teacher band who prevailed as the ballot box winner.

A special thanks to the awesome folks over at Axe Music and to Mr. Koufogiannakis for organizing the event!