iPad App of the week – Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is an amazing presentation tool that is so easy to use. If you are tired of PowerPoint presentations, you will love Haiku Deck. This tool allows you pick a great, high definition image which is associated to the text that you use on the slide. You can also use your own images. When you add the text to a slide, the size is automatically adjusted so that everything fits. You can share your Haiku Deck creations easily and you can also embed them. The presentations look amazing on an iPad but they can also be accessed on the web.

This Haiku Deck was created yesterday after we attended the 21st Century Fluencies session hosted by Lee Crockett and Andrew Churches.

21C Learning


We look forward to seeing your Haiku Deck creations!


Jan/Feb 2013 Newsletter



The January/February Newsletter is available here. Best of luck on your exams!

iPad App of the week – Apps Gone Free

apps gone free

As you may know, the Apple app store puts apps on sale, sometimes for a limited time. Apps Gone Free lists apps (on a daily basis) that are being offered for free in the app store. It also allows you to go back in time and check to see if apps that were offered for free are still available. This is a great app which allows you to check out some awesome apps…and it doesn’t cost you a cent!

Enjoy checking out apps and please share when you find a good one!