Austin O’Brien Catholic High School is located in southeast Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a student population of 860 students. The school has a long standing tradition of excellence in academics, the arts and athletics. Austin O’Brien offers a learning environment that reflects the values of a Catholic education… respect, honesty, loyalty, fairness and communal and personal growth. Students participate in prayer, retreats, social justice and community work throughout the school year. Strong emphasis is placed on assisting others less fortunate in the local and global community. Our Student Leadership and Christian Leadership opportunities help students strengthen their faith through serving others.
Students are well prepared for the challenges of post secondary education as a result of the strong academic program within the school. Experiential and digital learning opportunities in the humanities, sciences, the arts, health education and career and technology inspire our students to pursue further learning at the post secondary level in a variety of areas. Austin O’Brien also offers three Bilingual Language Programs in Ukrainian, Polish and Spanish. In these program students are immersed in language and culture with their peers over their three years. The school also offers a Golf Academy Program from grades ten through twelve.
Austin O’Brien has a long standing tradition of an outstanding and widely recognized fine arts program. Students can take advantage of a variety of music courses, instrumental band, choral music and guitar. Students can explore their talents and skills through numerous drama and theatre opportunities, and they can explore their talents through visual arts. Austin O’Brien offers a wide range of athletic and wellness opportunities for students. Team sports, personal fitness and recreational pursuits provide opportunities for participation, personal challenge and development.
Our school is also a district site for the Edmonton Catholic Educational Experiences Program. Within this district program students learn life skills and are integrated into work experience programs within the community. This is a unique program that offers support to students with a diverse range of medical, developmental and communication challenges. A team of specialized staff offer a wide range of support to students in these programs to ensure that they can successfully transition into the community after their high school years.
Austin O’Brien has a long standing tradition of excellence. Our motto, “Many Gifts, One Spirit” exemplifies our school mission to graduate students who are prepared and confident to lead happy, productive lives and in turn, to share their gifts with others.


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