AOB’s 50th Anniversary – November 23, 2013

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We are so excited about our 50th anniversary celebration coming up on Saturday, November 23 from 1pm until 4pm.  We are looking forward to celebrating our 5 decades of history with our students, alumni, staff, and former staff members.  Austin O’Brien High School opened its doors in November 1963 when students moved over from St. Brendan’s.

We will start our formal program, hosted by CBC radio’s Mark Connolly (’77) at 1:15pm in the gymnasium.  This is guaranteed to be an awesome tribute to our great school!  It will be cool to see Pat Hauck (’65) from our first graduating class give a speech alongside Katelyn Kuchta (’14), a member of our 50th graduating class.  Also, we will have speakers giving a historical perspective of the schoool and there will be a digital presentation which was created by Raj Patel from Orange Fountain .  After the presentation in the gym, we will invite everyone to walk through the school and visit our “decade rooms”.  We have a room set up for each decade of our school’s history in which we will display photographs and other memorabilia from that time.

We will be selling some commemorative items throughout the day.  All of the proceeds from these items will go toward our legacy project which is improvement to the newly named “Msgr. Fee Otterson Stage”.  We will also be accepting donations to this project.

A special thanks to the organizing commitee and the current staff of AOB for all of their hard work and dedication!


Digital Displays

You may have noticed that we have recently installed some digital displays in the hallways of our school.  These have been installed to improve communication and enhance school spirit.  Content is added to the displays from a server which is accessible through our computer network.  Content can be controlled and displayed in many unique ways.

Since the monitors and servers have been installed, we have added some test content until we are all trained to use the Carousel software which pushes content to the monitors.

We are going to have at least 3 different channels running on the displays.  There will be separate feeds for hallways, front entrance, and the large monitor by the foods room.

We would like to gather some feedback from you.  What type of content would you like to see on the displays.  The images above are showing photos, announcements, weather, etc.  Please leave your comments on this post.

Please give us some feedback!

As you may know, we are planning many changes and improvements at Austin O’Brien High School. These changes include:

  • Renovation of the Fitness Centre and addition of new equipment
  • Mural painted on Gym wall
  • Upgrading of CTS lab (completion Fall 2012)
  • Installation of Wireless “Cloud” network

We would like to continue to improve our school as we continue to venture into the 21st century.

If you have some ideas, please do not hesitate to comment on this post. What do you want to see more of at AOB? What would you like to see less of? Please share your ideas.