iPad app of the week – Skitch


Skitch is an app, made by Evernote, that allows you to write, draw and add pictures to photos, web pages and maps. It is so easy to easy and has tons of educational value. Rather than explain the things that you can do with Skitch, I will show you some creations.

This photo was taken at a recent PD session. With a few additions from Skitch, the photo takes on more personality…wouldn’t you agree? It also allows some lame attempts of humour.

I love the fact that you can fuzz things out to protect privacy. This is a great feature for school use.

Web pages
This is the site which we were introduced to at the PD session. Using Skitch, I can show how to use the web tool.


Skitch is easy to use with maps to show locations and to give directions.


All of your Skitch notes can be saved within the application and can be accessed on a computer. You can also save your Skitch photos to your Camera Roll on your iPad.


Read In Week at AOB

On Wednesday, October 3, our Spanish biligual students (grade 10 and 11) read stories to grade 2 and 3 Spanish students at St. Teresa Elementary School. Each AOB student was paired with a student at St. Teresa. The really cool part of this project was that students did not have to leave their respective schools. The stories were read using the magic of WiFi, the internet, Facetime and the iPad.

A special thanks to Diane Lefebvre from the ECSD EmTech team for making this initiative come alive and for lending us a class set of iPads. Also, thanks to our Spanish teacher, Miss Amador, and the teachers and admin at St. Teresa for taking on this project. It was obvious by the student’s expressions that they loved it!

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